Prof Notes

Prof Notes: Wry Observations on Academic Life
Poppy Anna Press (March 2022)
184 pages

ISBN: 979-8985311709
ISBN: 979-8985311716 (ebook)

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Prof Notes: Wry Observations on Academic Life
by Melissa S. Anderson

Reading Prof Notes is like taking an insider’s tour of the academic life. Professor Anderson is great company as she points out what is peculiar, absurd, poignant and delightful about higher education.

These wry, five-line observations will resonate with faculty members, administrators and students.  Anyone curious about university/college life will appreciate the author’s irreverent take on what really happens behind the scenes.



We academics are often too busy to delight in the everyday pleasures of our work and to laugh at our (many) foibles. Take the time to sit with Anderson’s Prof Notes.  She will remind you of why you chose this life.

—Raymond De Vries, Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine, University of Michigan


You do not have to be familiar with the rhythm or the intricacies of academic life to appreciate Prof Notes. Each note is a vivid reminder of the insight and humor to be found in the most common of places, situations, and circumstances. 

—Melissa A. Kirk, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Antioch University, New York


In Prof Notes, professors, graduate students, administrators and staff will recognize themselves, their colleagues, and the strange practices that we think of as normal academic behavior. For those who have spent time working in higher education, Prof Notes will be strikingly familiar, illuminating and hilarious. 

Rebecca Ropers, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, University of Minnesota


In these pages are pearls of wisdom and useful knowledge about all aspects of academic life, beautifully conveyed against the backdrop of the natural rhythms of the academic year. Prof Notes is a comforting, humorous and profoundly insightful encapsulation of the collective experience of our wonderful profession.

—Eric G. Campbell, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado